HEINICHEN LAUDIEN is a Berlin based, nationwide operating law firm. 

We provide legal advice services and legal solutions predominantly for entrepreneurs and companies, public institutions like universities, private individuals and groups from Germany and abroad.  The principles that guide our work with clients are trust, dedication, quality, flexibility, cost awareness, and transparency.

Our partners’ fields of specialization complement each other such that we advise our clients in all areas of the law, while also representing them in court and in their dealings with government agencies.  However, the focus of our law firm is on commercial law and real-estate law.

Our clients receive personal support from an individual point of contact within the firm.  Where necessary, we develop solutions in a team that we assemble based on the expertise that the individual project or case demands.  In some cases, we will involve external specialists.

Our goal is always to offer solutions that further our clients' interests at a cost that makes economic sense.